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American Apparel in SL
the first RL retailer to set up shop in virtual space
sept 2009
American Apparel, the Los Angeles based retailer, produces 210.000 t-shirt per day, has 80 shops around the world and one in Second Life. It is the first RL fashion brand to enter in a virtual world with a shop opened in june 2009 that represents a marketing experiment between real and virtual world.
Aimee Weber in person, the designer who constucted the building, designed the interior and ri-modelled a series of American Apparel clothes for SL, tells us about the project.

Music in SL
live music, artists, label, BBC Festival
jun 2009
There's heaps of music in Second Life. Each night of the week there are dozens of lives, new record labels have opened, the BBC channel 1 has bought an island and broadcast on Saturday the 13 th and Sunday the 14 th of May “One Big Weekend” festival. Avatars are sitting in the hall dancing, chatting and meet the artists at the end of the concert. Independent artists start to have their new fans following them in the various live performances in SL and are already selling their own music and promoting their groups in the real world. I met some artists in Second Life and tried to understand thanks to them the development the musical panorama is having in the virtual world.

Camp Darfur
may 2009
Camp Darfur, built on Better Word Island in Second Life is an entire simulation camp of Darfur refugees. It was born from a collaborative work of some members of, who, some months ago, have decided to create within this virtual world a place of reflex ion and raise of awareness on the violence and atrocities ongoing in Darfur , the occidental region of Sudan .

LOL Architects
mar 2008
In Second life there's no need to sleep, drink or eat, it's not cold, but there are houses just like those in the real world; kitchens, living rooms, bed rooms, and they are solidly anchored to the ground even in the absence of gravity, with a roof even though it doesn't rain and stairs to go from one floor to another even though you can fly.
There are also places planned for social life, meeting places, museums, completly abstract environments. An interesting reflection about SL can be found in the work of the group LOL architects , founded in the spring of 2005 by the students of the fourth year of architecture of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Art in Second Life
galleries and museum
feb 2008
Second Life entirely is becoming a very interesting art experimentations platform. There are different experiences ranging over conferences, debates, communities of artists aggregations, exhibitions, private art galleries, film festivals, poems reading, concerts, and even a drawing course. There are projects involving the real world but existing for SL only. There are important projects where well-known artists are involved in and real art-galleries.

The Port
jan 2008
The Port is a virtual island of 16 acres (about 6, 4 hectors) inside the on-line 3D world Second Life. The project The Port was officially opened August 26 2005 by the artists Simon Golden e Jacob Senneby , with the collaboration of the architect Tor Lindstrand and of Frida Cornell . The Port offers itself as a space, community, arena for experiments. The members of The Port are artists, architects, programmers, “thinkers” that experiment and ask themselves about notions of v alue-creation in virtual spaces, about the nature of immaterial production and property, entwined with on-line and off-line reality, about the possibilities of virtual worlds that work as public spaces, about the concept of community in a trans-local sphere.